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HomeFrequently asked questionsWhat is a fast growing hedge plant to screen my neighbours?  
What is a fast growing hedge plant to screen my neighbours?

There a few species that are fast growing to screen the neighbours. Lilly Pillies are popular fast growing shrub and Leightons Green conifers are also very popular.

Lilly Pillies

Acmena Smithii - Will grow to approx 6-8 metres in Sydney.  Australian native which bears flowers and berries in spring/summer.  Bird attracting, reasonably fast growing and will provide a natural thick dense screen. Can be pruned to desired height. This species is commonly known as "Neighbours be gone".

Acmena Smithii 'minor' (Dwarf Lilly Pilly) - For those who only want a screen to approx 3-4 metres this is perfect. Low maintenance however a little slower than Acmena Smithii.  Thick dense foliage with flowers and berries.  Smaller foliage than Acmena Smithii.

Sygygium Leumanhii (Weeping Lilly Pilly) - Excellent hedge or specimen tree. Can be left unpruned. Will grow to approx 6-7 metres if left unclipped, alternatively you can prune to any desired height to form dense hedge. White fluffy flowers and berries form in spring/summer.

Sygygium Hinterland Gold - Also known as the Gold Lilly Pilly, Syzygium Hinterland Gold is an Australian native that forms a dense screen without an invasive root system. A compact and fast growing shrub reaching 2 metres high x 1.5 metres wide with glossy green foliage and gold coloured new growth. Minimal pruning is required as it has a naturally uniform habit. Performing best in well-drained soil in a full-sun to part-shade position.

Cupressus Leightons Green -Fast growing conifer is a hardy evergreen tree with conical shape. Will grow in almost any soil type. Best grown in sunny open area with well drained soil. Will grow to approx 7 metres. Height can be determined how close the plants are planted. If you would like a dense screen recommended spacing is 1 every 1-1.5 metres apart. Can be hedged. Tops can be pruned off at early age.