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HomeTreesSuitable for CourtyardsEucalyptus (Grafted) Summer Red 45ltr  
Eucalyptus (Grafted) Summer Red 45ltr

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Eucalyptus Summer Red is a hybrid between Eucalyptus ficifolia and E. ptychocarpa, which has been grafted onto a vigorous, hardy rootstock. Like most eucalypts, Eucalyptus Summer Red grows and flowers best in full sun, in a position where excess soil water drains away readily. When planting, trim off any circling roots but otherwise try not to disturb the roots. After planting saturate the soil, but do not water again until the soil feels dry about 2cm down. Water as required through the first summer, but thereafter additional water should be necessary only during prolonged dry periods. A mulch over the root zone will be beneficial in summer, keeping the soil cool and moist. Prune after flowering to encourage dense, bushy growth and lots of shoots which will bear flowers next season. Growth rates and mature sizes will vary with conditions, but a mature specimen may reach a height of 5m and a crown width of 3m.